Chief Justice

Chief Justice brings the Judicial Branch of the U.S. government alive by asking students to role-play as courtroom attorneys and debate timely issues in a non-partisan mock trial format. This optional curriculum provides a valuable addition to American government, civics, journalism, speech and debate classes, citizenship programs, leadership trainings and service-learning projects. It is designed to complement what students learn in their textbooks and other reliable sources. 

Chief Justice offers flexible options and time frames that you can choose to best meet your goals and schedule. Each topic in the Chief Justice poll will be active for three weeks.

Licensed educators and students also have access to blended lesson plans that provide all the instructions necessary to conduct the FFD mock trials in their classrooms – either onsite or online. To further enrich each lesson, educators also have the option to ask students to engage in service-learning by participating in a National Polling Project and documenting these projects in video.

Note: Anyone above the age of 13 can sign in and vote in our weekly polls. Students will need to register with an active link from a licensed Educator to gain access to all classroom resources, including blended lesson plans and grading rubrics. Learn more >

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