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Level One

$ 24 student/year
  • Minimum of 30 Students
  • Single Teacher
  • 30-89 Students

Level Two

$ 22 student/year
  • Minimum of 90 Students
  • Multi-Teacher
  • 90-499 Students

Level Three

$ 20 student/year
  • Minimum of 500 Students
  • Multi-Teacher
  • 500 Students or More

FFD Educator License

From: $1.75 / month for 12 months per seat

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Our programs for high school civics, journalism, speech and debate classes can be taught safelyonline or onsite – and offer flexible options and time frames that you can choose to best meet your goals and schedule. The four-part curriculum is designed to complement what students learn from their textbooks and other reliable sources about the workings of our nation’s representative democracy. Participating students can role play within the three branches of government, conduct in-class or virtual debates and speeches, and pose as members of the press. 

Licensed educators and students have one-year online access to four student-centered, project-based lesson plans for our three Forums – Chief Justice, Capitol Hill and Head of State – and the FFD National Polling Project. Each curriculum manual includes guidelines outlining roles and responsibilities, timelines, homework assignments, grading rubrics and the FFD Code of Ethics for civil discourse.

We encourage students to use the U.S. Constitution as a moral compass to guide them toward policies that help create a just and equitable society. We do not ask participants to identify with a political party.

To further enrich each lesson, students engage in service-learning by participating in the FFD National Polling Project. Beginning in 2022, FFD will deliver the mandate of the FFD Community to the corridors of power in Washington, DC. 

Additional information

License Level

Level One (30-89 Students), Level Two (90-499 Students), Level Three (500+ Students)

Billing Frequency

Monthly, Yearly

The FFD Educator License is designed to inspire and empower students to: 

  • Become informed and engaged citizens
  • Develop critical-thinking skills through student-centered, project-based learning
  • Practice the art of civil discourse using the FFD Code of Ethics
  • Use the U.S. Constitution as a moral compass to create equal justice for all
  • Gain media literacy by using reliable sources and fact-checking tools
  • Build self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills through social-emotional learning
  • Enhance their public speaking and presentation skills with videos, charts and graphs from trusted sources
  • Express their unique creativity while collaborating with others
  • Use digital democracy tools to harvest collective intelligence through a National Polling Project
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