Robert Aucone, founder of Forum for Democracy USA, originally designed the curriculum for Chief Justice, the first of three FFD Forums, in 1991 while teaching at Novato High School in California. The curriculum was adopted by Army JROTC in 2002, and has been used annually ever since in approximately 1,700 high schools, reaching an estimated 5 million students.  

“Research shows that simulating a complex civic activity is a powerful way to teach civic skills and inspire young people to be engaged. Forum for Democracy USA is an excellent example of that!”
Dr. Peter Levine
Associate Dean, Tisch College of Civic Life, Tufts University
“Thanks for your work to promote a national dialogue about our great country.”
Sen. Byron Dorgan
Former U.S. Senator of North Dakota and founder of the Center for Native American Youth
“Forum for Democracy USA simply works. It enables students to grapple with the current issues, form their own beliefs, and express those beliefs. Students apply what they learn and that is true education.”
Lt. Col. Robert Mabry
U.S. Army (Ret), Loara High School, Anaheim, CA
“Forum for Democracy USA is profound civic education.”
Dr. Paul T. Hill
Founder of the Institute for the Reinvention of Public Education, University of Washington
“Bob Aucone is afire with ideas that will make sense of the 21st Century.”
Sen. Harris Wofford
Former U.S. Senator of Pennsylvania (deceased)
“I don’t endorse products, but on this one we are certainly on the same page!”
Dr. Theodore Sizer
Founder of Coalition of Essential Schools and Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education (deceased)
“FFD has supported JROTC’s mission ‘to motivate young people to be better citizens’ for more than 20 years. In addition to providing students a greater appreciation and understanding of the essential roles of our three branches of government, the curriculum empowers students with many leadership skills including critical-thinking, public speaking, civil discourse and media literacy.” 
LTC (Ret) Richard Crossley Jr.
Director, FWISD JROTC Programs
Fort Worth, TX

“With its four optional modules for experiential learning, FFD’s student-centered civics curriculum artfully complements what we are required to teach through dynamic role-playing exercises in all three branches of government with a focus on important current events.”

Dr. Terrence Campbell
Operations and Training Manager
Ft.Worth, TX
“Chief Justice has been the most beneficial teaching tool that I have available. The students spend more time researching their court case than they ever would in a regular class setting”
LTC (Ret) Bobby Holland
Senior Army Intructor
Carroll High School
Ozark, AL
“Bob Aucone is a doer! I support Forum for Democracy USA and wish him great success.”
Dr. Howard Rheingold
Author, Smart Mobs, Net Smart, Ted Talk Lecturer on Social Media, Stanford University
“Clearly, helping to build on this work (FFD) would be attractive and worthwhile.”
Dr. Joseph Kahne
Chair, Dutton Presidential Chair for Education Policy and Politics
“I endorse Forum for Democracy USA and wish Bob Aucone great success in this most worthy endeavor.”
Sen. Mike Gravel
Former U.S. Senator of Alaska
“Bob Aucone, the founder of Forum for Democracy USA, is doing fascinating work geared towards rehabilitating our democratic republic.”
Seth David Radwell
Author, "American Schism"

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